Matthew 6:33

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. (NLT)

We seem to lose track of God when it comes to the practical side of life.  We are more than happy to trust him for the sake of our soul, but when it comes to the other longs of this world we turn to other things to be filled.  If he is willing to give his son for you, then won't he also feel all of the needs of your heart?  Do you want to be loved?  Seek God and you will find love.  Do you want to feel valued?  Then seek God and he will tell you how precious you are to him.  Do you want to feel peace in your life?  Seek God and he will give you a peace that surpasses our ability to understand it.  We seek all these things in other people or in things, but our need has already been met.  We have all of our needs already met and exceeded in God.  There is nothing that we can find in this world that will fulfill the needs that we have to a greater degree than God.  God is our lover and he is our sustainer.  When you haven't the strength to give life one more shot, then he will come along side you and carry you through the tough times.  When your own human eyes do not see a clear path forward, he has already map out the path for you.  You have to trust him.  When you believe that he is wrong, that is just your flesh at war with what you believe about God.  Don't give up on him.  He has already seen what you are going through from the foundation of the universe.  He ached for you then, and he aches for you now.  Trust him.  Seek his Kingdom and he will fulfill all of the longs of your heart.  We have in are mind such a limited view of those needs being filled.  We have short-term fixes and temporal fulfillment.  God has promised a well that will never run dry.  Why would you settle for second best?  Why would you settle for something that will never truly satisfy you?  Trust God.  He has this whole thing under his control.  He has never been caught off guard.  He knew the hurts you are feeling, before you even began to feel them.  He longs to be the sustainer of your faith.  Don't let your faith end at the altar call or at the church door.  Take your faith into your family and marriage.  Take your faith to your job.  Let he be the one to meet the longings that you have ached over for so long.  He is standing at the door and knocking.  If you will just answer the door then he is willing to come in and dine with you.  When he comes in it is going to turn your world upside-down.  You will not believe all the amazing things that he is willing to do.  Relationships won't just be restored, they will be transformed.  They will become what God had always wanted them to be.  We settle for second best when we don't trust God.  He is ready to show you his wonders.  Are you willing to allow him to do that?


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