The turkey will still be leftover in fridge.  You probably will be licking your wounds from friday shopping, but remember that Sunday begins a time of year that we should all be thankful for.  Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent.  Advent is that time of the year when we prepare our hearts for the gift of Christ.  The only thing that we truly ought to be thankful for.  I hate the modern version of Christmas.  It is all about self, and has lost it's emphasis on the true miracle of the season.  I think there was something lost when some traditions abandoned the practices of the Catholic Church.  In my own background I never remember celebrating Advent.  Isn't this a time of year that all Christian should begin to reflect on the greatness of what God has given us?  Why should Jesus only get one day?  Let's be honest, among all the craziness of Christmas sometimes we leave out Jesus.  How could we possibly do that?  The truth is the God of the universe came down from his throne and became a child.  Is that not that the most insane thing that you have ever heard?  What more do we have that we could be more thankful for?  When you are preparing for the holidays, just take the time to prepare your heart for Christmas.  Behind all the business that we seem to cram into this time of the year. there is a truth and a promise fulfilled that we have to remember.  We were lost in our sin.  We were born into a great rebellion.  Man had decided that he was god, and had turned his heart away from the beautiful communion that he had with God in the garden.  God in his wisdom sent his son.  His son was still fully God and yet became fully man.  He was born a humble birth.  He was the God of the universe and could have been born into a great mansion.  He was born in a stable and placed in a manger.  God has chosen the humble things of this world to put to shame the proud.  None of this should make any sense.  When I am doubting and the lies of man affect my heart, then I think about how ridiculous this whole thing is.  If man were to create out of thin air a religion for himself, don't you think that he would have created one that at least made sense?  Men will doubt and say that because none of it makes sense then it should not be believed.  I would say that because it doesn't make sense, then it has to be true.  Man has a need to understand the world around him.  Man can not stand the feeling of not knowing.  Why would man create a faith that makes no sense to himself?  So I know that Christ was born of a virgin.  He was placed in a manger.  The King of Kings was laid down with animals.  He did all this for you and I.  He desires our salvation.  He has done all this to repair the relationship man had enjoyed with him.  He didn't do this because he needed a friend.  God is lacking nothing.  He did this for our benefit.  Like C.S. Lewis said, man is made to run on God the same way your car is made to run on gasoline.  We fail when we try to run on anything else.  Prepare your heart.  Prepare to celebrate the miracle of Advent.  I hope that this Christmas will be a new beginning for you.  I pray that God will bless you as you look to his son, and express your true thanksgiving for all he has done for you.


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