The First Lie

I am sitting here and thinking of all the dishonesty in this world.  Politicians lie to us for our votes.  Our children lie to us when they are caught doing wrong.  Our friends lie to us.  Our loved ones lie to us.  We even lie to ourselves.  No lie has had a more devastating effect on this world than the first lie.  The lie on which all other lies hang.  Not only lies but all other wrong doing hangs on this one single lie.  Our concept of God is even distorted by this lie.  It is the lie that keeps us from embracing God.  It is the first and worst lie.

In the garden man experience a complete oneness with God.  The relationship between creator and creature was perfect and unpolluted.  Man felt no shame in being completely known to his creator.  Creator and creature would walk through the garden in complete harmony.  It was a perfect relationship.  The serpent entered the garden and was determined to destroy all the goodness that God had created.  He uttered the first lie on which all other sorrows hang.  He says, "That if you eat of the fruit you will be like God, knowing good and evil".  He was able to convince man who God did not have his best interest at heart.  God is holding back from you.  It shocks me to think that someone who enjoyed such perfect unity with God, could possibly believe that God was withholding anything from him.  From the moment of the fall, man has begun to act as if they are their own god.  We no longer need him.  We can make up the rules ourselves.  In the time of the Judges the bible says that everyone did what was right in their own eyes.  In order for their to be rules, doesn't there have to be a rule maker?  We cast off the rule maker and installed ourselves as the ultimate rule maker.  We can move the lines of right and wrong as we see fit.  We act as if the laws of God are there to make us unhappy, when they are there to protect our very souls.  Not only have we placed ourselves in the place of God, but in some cases we have placed other men in the place of God.  We worship the creation rather than the creator.

This first lie has forever changed our view of God.  If we were to see God as he truly is, then none of us would be able to remain standing.  If we saw him as Isaiah saw him, then we would have no choice but to fall prostrate before him.  He is a holy and blameless God.  He is justice.  He is love.  He is infinitely kind to us, even when he have wronged him.  In Christ, we can begin to see God as he truly is.  If we would catch just a glimpse of God, then it would change our lives forever.  He is high and lifted up.  He is majestic and yet forever kind to us.  In our weakness he demonstrates his power.  One of the major struggles in this faith journey is to denounce that first lie each and every day of our lives.  We can never be God, so let's just stop trying to be him.  Glory in our weakness and his strength.


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