You Nailed Him There #ChristianBlogger

Ok.  This may strike you as a little bizarre at first, but follow where I am going with this.  I am not sure how many people are familiar with Monty Python.  One of the funniest sketches that I can remember is the "Dead Parrot Sketch".  In it you have a man entering a pet store to return a dead parrot.  The shopkeeper and the customer begin to argue.  The shopkeeper is trying to convince the man, that the bird is not dead.  Finally, the shopkeeper says, "how can he be dead he is on his perch".  The customer then responds, "the only reason he is on his perch is because you nailed him there".

You are probably wondering, "where is this guy going with this?"  I have a point.  I promise you that.  Picture the crucifixion.  As you picture the God of the universe hanging on that cross, I am here to tell you that the only reason he is on that cross is because you nailed him there.  All of us share a joint responsibility for the situation.  We thought we knew better than God.  We set out to make ourselves gods.  In our lives, we continually assert an authority that was never our's in the first place.  We have placed ourselves on the throne.  It was for that reason, that Christ had to die.  In order to bring us back into a right relationship with God.  He had to come and die.

It is sort of a silly illustration, I suppose.  However, there is a silver lining to this dark post.  You should know, that as the King of the universe hung on that cross, it was not the nails that held him there.  He could have called down all of heaven's host and started all of creation over again.  He had already destroy man for his wickedness in the flood.  It was fully within his power to hit the reset button for a second time.  Do you know what it was that held him on that cross?  Let's be honest the strongest nails could not have held him there.  It was his deep love for humanity.  It was his overwhelming desire to reconcile man to himself.  He didn't need to reconcile us to him.  He is God and he is in need of nothing.  He didn't  redeem us so that we would worship him.  That is just ridiculous.  Like the most powerful being in the universe would be lacking if he didn't have a church to worship him.  No, he did it for our benefit.  When we set up ourselves as gods, then we bring heartache and misery to ourselves.  We trade eternal joy for temporal pleasure.  God knew that the only way for man to reach his true potential for joy and happiness was in him.  It is an awesome thing to think that Christ remained on that cross for the benefit of the same people who nailed him there.


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