A Christmas Gift

Imagine it is Christmas morning.  All of the children have skampered down the stairs in their footie pajamas.  They all sit anxiously around the Christmas tree.  The presents have been passed out.  They begin to open them one at a time.  The wrapping paper begins to fly through the air.  Ribbons and bows are scattered around the room.  They have received toys and books.  Even Aunt Edna got each of the children a new sweater.  As you sit slowly sipping your coffe, you look back at the tree and notice another present.  It is a large present.  It is the largest of all of them.  It sits in the back, leaning against the wall.  It's wrapping paper and bow are meticulous.  It is the most beautiful gift you have ever seen.  The foil paper shimmers beneath the lights of the tree.  You ask your children why they haven't opened it, and they say that it is two beautiful to open.  They tell you that they already have plenty of good gifts.  They have no use for another.

This is sort of ridiculous.  A child would never leave even one gift unwrapped on Christmas morning.  We do this all the time though.  God has given us the most beautiful gift imaginable.  He has given us his only begotten Son.  All of the other gifts he longs to give us, depend on us being willing to accept this one gift.  Relationships in our lives will never be close to all they were intended to be without Christ.  You are unable to truly love or be loved, until you have been perfectly loved by your creator.  We love because he first loved us.  I would say that this love is in obedience to him.  I would say that before he loved us we simply didn't know how to love.  We love because in him we have been taught the perfect love of our Creator.  In our old selfish sinful nature we are unable to make true connections to the people around us.  We make connects, but they are always just poor reflections of all that they could be.  God teaches us to love through his Son Jesus.  All of the relationships we have in this world are stronger and richer, because he first loved us.

Don't leave the gift unopened.  It was wrapped especially for you.  It was wrapped before the foundations of time.  He was personally addressed to you.  It is meant for you.


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