It Wasn't Me.

I posted the from Genesis chapter 3 a couple of days ago.  I just wanted to add a little more to what I said.  This is not necessarily about Advent, so I thought it would be best to mention it in a separate post.  If you read through the story again, then you will see Adam and Eve pass the buck.  Adam first tries to blame Eve and then even God, because had given him the woman.  The woman could not take the blame, because she had was tricked by the serpent.  It would be great to say that this was a one time occurrence, but it is an epidemic.  It is so widespread today to pass all of the blame for our faults onto someone else.  If you watch afternoon talk shows, then you will see what I am talking about.  If you work in the criminal justice system like I do, then you will see the same thing happen day in and day out.  Enough is enough.  You didn't do what you did because of anyone else, but your own selfish sinful nature.  You didn't do it because mommy didn't love you.  You didn't do it because you didn't feel love from your spouse.  You didn't do it because you were abused as a child.  You did it because you were born with a sinful nature.  A sinful nature that is based on the first lie of pride.  You did it because you thought you were a better god, than God.

Where do we go from here?  God always ready knows the why of your sin.  He knew your sinful heart when he knit you together in your mother's womb.  He knew before there was time, and he sent his son to die for you.  He already knew that you would be unfaithful to him.  He knew that you would try to love him, and yet repeatedly fall on your face.  He knew all this, and he still desperately desires to meet you exactly where you are.  How long can you hold out?  You are hurting, and a part of you is dying inside.  He wants to bring healing and to resurrect that dead part of you.  No matter how far you try to run from God, he is never any further from you.  No matter how you betray him, he is still standing with his arms stretched out.  He wants you for his own.  He knows you by name, and it is with that name that he has called you to himself.  He only asked that you admit your failings, and throw yourself into the arms of his great mercy.  There is nothing to big for him.  Stop running from, and start running to the great Father that loves you.


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