You Are Such A Life Saver!

Adam was created on the sixth day.  God placed him in the garden and placed him in dominion over the animals.  He tells Adam to name all of the animals.  The animals come to him.  As he is naming all the animals, he notices something.  They all come in pairs.  He is alone in the garden, and yet each animal has a mate.  God then says that it is not good for the man to be alone.  He says that he will make Adam a helpmate.  I was reading a book recently.  I believe it was John Eldridge.  He said that the word translated as helpmate actually means a whole lot more.  He said that the word would be better translated as "life saver".  Now, why would God give man a life saver?  We know that it could not be to preserve his physical life.  Not that God is not concerned about our physical body, but he more often concerned about our spiritual life.  The spiritual is of the most concern to God.  How can a spouse save their partner's spiritual life?  I would argue that sometimes our partner's need to be held accountable.  Who better to keep a person honest with themselves, than the person that is their life partner?  Sin is a sneaky adversary.  Once you get buried in it, it becomes very difficult to see the damage it is doing in your life.  A spouse should be that voice of reason.  The person you trust the most should be willing an able to speak the truth in love, and guide you back to the way.  Being a spouse is so much more than being in love.  Being a spouse means that you must be willing to make the tough decisions, and speak when it is not necessarily likely to be heard.  A spouse must look for the best interest of their partner.  It is a tall order.  Nothing could be more difficult.  When a person is buried in sin, they will rationalize their sin.  They may be so convincing that you begin to doubt yourself.  Stay the course.  Their very soul may depend on it.  No other responsibility is more important in marriage.  God never changes.  He has taught us how we should live.  As partners we should lovingly encourage one another to live according to God's law.  We have to be willing to be a "Life Saver" for our partner!


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