God's Pursuit of Man - A.W.Tozer #JesusisLord

I started to reread this book yesterday.  My highlighter was working overtime.  I have reread chapters 1,2 and 4.  I have numerous outstanding statements from this book.  I would like to share those with you.  These are all the words of Tozer.  They are from his book God's Pursuit of Man.  I definitely recommend that you read this book.  It is amazing.  When I finish the rest of the book again, I will share some good quotes from the second half of the book.  I hope you enjoy these .

If a man have only correct doctrine to offer me I am sure to slip out at the first intermission to seek the company of someone who has seen for himself how lovely is the face of Him who is the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley. (xi)

I expect to show that if we would know the power of the Christian message our nature must be invaded by an Object from beyond it; that That which is external must become internal; that the objective Reality which is God must cross the threshold of our personality and take residence within. (xii)

The function of a good book is to stand like a signpost directing the reader toward the Truth and the Life. (xii)

We habitually stand in our now and look back in faith to see the past filled with God.  We look forward and see Him inhabiting our future; but our now is uninhabited except for ourselves.  Thus we are guilty of a kind of temporary atheism which leaves us alone in the universe while, for the time, God is not. (4)

Let us correct the error by thinking of ourselves as standing by the bank of a full flowing river; then let us think of that river as being none else but God himself.  We glance to our left and see the river coming full out of our past; we look to the right and see it flowing on into our future.  But we see also that is flowing through our present.  And in our today it is the same as it was in our yesterday, not less than, nor different from, but the very same river, one unbroken continuum, undiminished, active and strong as it moves sovereignly into our tomorrow. (5)

They who worship the God who is present may ignore the objections of unbelieving men. (6)

For he cannot love a God who is no more than a deduction from a text.  He will crave to know God with a vital awareness that goes beyond words and to live in the intimacy of personal communion. (6)

Nothing can take the place of the touch of God in the soul and the sense of Someone there.  Real faith, indeed brings such realization, for real faith is never the operation of reason upon texts. (7)

We have substituted theological ideas for an arresting encounter; we are full of religious notions, but our great weakness is that for our hearts there is no one there. (7)

The man who has received the Word without power has trimmed the hedge, but it is a thorn hedge still and can never bring forth the fruits of the new life. (14)

The gospel is concerned with a new life, with a birth upward into a new level of being, and until it is effected such a rebirth it has not done a saving work within the soul. (15)

No man who knows the depths of his own wickedness would dare to appear before the ineffable Presence with nothing to recommend him but his own character. (18)

The God who by the word of the gospel proclaims men free, by the power of the gospel actually makes them free. (20)

Then He invades the life as sunlight invades the landscape and drives out the old motives as light drives away darkness from the sky. (21)

The message of the gospel, then is the message of a new creation in the midst of an old, the message of the invasion of our human nature by the eternal life of God and the displacing of the old by the new. (22)

The experiences of men who walked with God in olden times agree to teach that the Lord cannot fully bless a man until He has first conquered him. (31)

It was only after he (Jacob) had gone down to humiliating defeat that he began to feel the joy of release from his own evil strength, the delight of God's conquest over him. (32)

Only the conquered can know true blessedness. (32)

For life we are wholly and continually dependent upon God, the Source and Fountain of life. (32)

That old serpent, the devil, he it was who first beguiled us into that rash declaration of independence, a declaration which, in view of the circumstances, is both deeply comic and profoundly tragic.  For our enemy must laugh at the incredible vanity that would lead us to match strength with the Almighty. (33)

We might well pray for God to invade and conquer us, for until He does, we remain in peril from a thousand foes.  We bear within us the seeds of our own disintegration. (35)

God rescues us by breaking us, by shattering our strength and wiping out our resistance. (35)

So He conquers us and by that benign conquest saves us for Himself. (35)

Before all who wish to follow Christ the way lies clear.  It is the way of death unto life.  Always life stands just beyond and beckons the man who is sick of himself to come and know the life more abundant. (38)

The man who takes the cross and follows Christ will soon find that his direction is away from the sepulcher.  Death is behind him and a joyous increasing life before. (39)

I hope that you have enjoyed these amazing thoughts from a brilliant mind.  A mind that was consumed with the love of God.


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