Gospel Of John 1:29-34

In this section, John the Baptist recounts the revealing of Jesus to him.  He tells us that he did not recognize Jesus.  He had been told by God that the one he baptizes and then sees the Spirit of God descend on him like a dove would be the Christ.  He then tells about baptizing Jesus.  When he baptized Jesus the Spirit of God descended on him like a dove.  He then testifies that Jesus is the Messiah that he has been preparing the way for.

We learn from the prophets that there is nothing particularly special about Jesus.  He isn't a more attractive man.  We know that he comes from simple beginnings.  His earthly father was a carpenter, and he grows up in Judea.  He is born in Bethlehem.  Bethlehem has always been the smallest of the cities of Judah.  So, there wasn't anything about Jesus that revealed who he was.  God revealed to John who he was.  It is the same today.  We will not know God unless he reveals himself to us.  It is funny that even when we believe we have made a choice to follow Jesus, that it has been God's divine will that has been leading us in that direction.  God reveals himself to us.  He convicts us of our sin.  He convinces us of our helplessness, and need for him.  Only after God has worked all that out in us are we converted to follow Jesus.  There is so much more that God would like to reveal to our hearts.  We have to be willing to allow the Spirit to guide us into that knowledge.  When we submit our lives to Christ, then the Spirit will lead us closer and closer to Christ.  This revealing is not a one step process.  It is an ongoing process of putting to death the old life, and embracing the new life of Christ.  Oh, that we should be so humble to allow the Spirit to guide us deeper and deeper in Christ.


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