Gospel Of John 1:35-51

Ok.  I really enjoyed reading this section.  This section tells the story of Jesus calling his disciples.  My favorite part of the passage is when Philip goes and brings Nathaniel to Jesus.  Jesus told Nathaniel that he had seen him under the fig tree before Philip brought him.  Nathaniel is astonished that Jesus knew that about him.  Jesus response is awesome.  He says to Nathaniel if you think that is amazing wait for what else you are about to see!  He then tells them that they will see heaven open up.  They will see angels going up and down on the Son of Man.  He tells them that the Son of Man is the stairway between heaven and earth.

There is a common misconception about the person of Jesus.  Those who find it hard to believe in the supernatural will claim that Jesus was a great moral teacher.  That is just ridiculous.  Lewis stated that we as people have to decide if Jesus is Lord, liar, or lunatic.  No good teacher has ever made the claims about himself that Jesus has.  He tells Nathaniel that he is the bridge from heaven to earth.  If you had a teacher tell you that, then would you believe any other word that they had to say?  It is a pretty shocking statement, if Jesus is merely a moral teacher.

Some would argue that the evangelist embellished the story.  That these words could not possibly have been the true words of Jesus.  That is also ridiculous.  The gospel was dated sometime in the first century.  When the Gospel of John began to passed around the churches, there were still eye witnesses alive.  It is simply written to early to have been embellished.  If John had exaggerated the claims of Jesus, then someone would have come forward to deny those claims.

It was arguments like this that first opened my heart to the gospel.  I reasoned my way out of faith, and when my arguments were destroyed, I simply had no choice but to believe that these claims were true.  However, faith is more than a decision of logic.  True authentic faith is a decision of the heart.  When we open our hearts to Jesus, then there is a great deeper faith ignited.  Simply believing what Jesus has said about himself will only get you so far.  It is not until God invades your heart and occupies your heart, that you have a living faith.  Jesus says he is the stairway between heaven and earth.  Thank God, that he has provided Jesus as our way to him.


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