Gospel of John 2:13-22

In every bible movie this is the action section.  Apart from the crucifixion this story is the most exciting part of Jesus ministry.  Jesus enters the temple.  Jewish pilgrims have to contribute to the temple.  According to their custom, they are not allowed to use gentile money to do that.  When they come to Jerusalem they have to exchange their money in order to contribute.  The money changers had opened up shop inside the temple.  Most of them were dishonest.  They took advantage of the pilgrims to fill their pockets.  When Jesus sees this, he becomes righteously indignant.  He fashions a whip and begins to turn over the tables in the temple.  The prophets said the messiah would be consumed by a passion for God's house.  He has upset the money-maker for the religious leaders.  They come to him and tell him that in order to show his authority, that he must perform a miracle.  He makes a simple statement, that know who understood until his resurrection.  He told them to tear down this temple and I will rebuild it in three days.  The temple he was referring to was his own body.  This is a simple story, but it contains a spiritual truth.  For years, the Jews came to the temple.  God was present in the temple.  His spirit dwelled in the Holy of Holies.  Jesus came to bring a new reality.  He came to make a temple in the hearts of his people.  No longer would the presence of God dwell in the temple.  The presence of God would dwell in the hearts of man.  We have become his temple.


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