Gospel of John

I have been thinking that if my goal is to be more Christlike, then I should spend sometime exploring the Gospel.  I thought I would work my way through the Gospel of John.  I am going to spend the next several weeks reading through it and trying to glean some insight into what I can learn about Jesus.  I will share my thoughts here.  The best place to start is the beginning.  I have a few thoughts on the first section of John that I will share.  So, here are my thoughts of this first section ending at verse 18.

The first thing that John teaches us is that Jesus is eternal.   He has always existed.  There is never a time that he was not.  John the Baptist spoke of this in his ministry.  He said that there was one to come who was greater than him.  He said the one to come preexisted him.  John knew the eternal existence of Christ.  Jesus is always God.  Through Jesus everything was created.  Jesus is the source of all life as the creator.  Jesus represents a light to men.  When John the Baptist appeared he came to testify about the light of Christ.  Jesus came to bring light to the darkness, but his own people rejected him.  Jesus came in order to provide a way that we could be adopted as children of God.

Jesus became flesh.  That means that he is familiar with all of the flesh issues that we face everyday.  He understands the weakness of children.  The everyday physical struggles that come with being human.  He is familiar with the everyday aches and pains of humanity.  He put on the fallen flesh of humanity and felt the physical pains of the curse.  He himself was not cursed, but his divinity was shrouded in the weakness of a human body.  It is not wrong to think that he experienced sickness and physical suffering just like us.  He also experience hunger and thrust.  All of the physical aspects of our lives he experienced.

Jesus made his dwelling among us.  To me that means that he experienced all of the emotional struggles that we face in life.  He had to deal with fallen men.  He had people fail him.  He had people lie to him.  He had strained relationships with people in his life.  He lived in this fallen world, and experienced all of the worldly disappointments that we face everyday.  When he is with us, it is strengthening to know that he has been in our shoes.  He knows intimately all of the pains that we are experiencing.

Jesus revealed his glory.  His glory is the glory of the One and Only God.  Jesus came and he was full of Grace and Truth.  He didn't come filled with Grace and Truth.  He came as Grace and Truth.  All Grace and all Truth are his.  There exists no truth and no grace, that is not of God and Jesus.

No one has ever been able to see God.  Moses was shielded in the rock and only caught a glimpse of God.  Fallen humanity would not be able to withstand the sight of Almighty God.  God has chosen to reveal himself to men.  He has chosen to reveal himself in the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus divinity had to shrouded in humanity, in order that he wold be able to reveal God to men.  If he had come in all of his power then we would not have been able to handle it.

Jesus is the ever-present creator of all things.  He is the source of all life.  He has known both our physical and emotional pain.  He has come to bring light into the darkness.  He has come to reveal God's glory to men.  He wants to have an intimate and personal relationship with a people that he will call his children.  His original chosen people have rejected him, but he has revealed himself to all men.  Jesus was the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham to bless all of the families of the Earth through him.


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