The Gospel Of John - 3:22-36

This is a great passage.  John the Baptist and Jesus end up being in close proximity baptizing people.  One of John's disciples comes to him and is concerned that Jesus is taking all of John's followers.  The answer John gives is awesome!  He says it is the Bridegroom who marries the Bride.  The Best man is simply glad to stand with him and hear his vows.  That is so awesome.  John knows who Jesus is.  He is content to be a side attraction, because he knows how much more important Jesus is.  I just love it.  He expresses his joy for Jesus' success and then says that Jesus must increase and he must decrease.  If we could have that kind of humility.  Whatever talent God has gifted us with, we have to remember that we are just a side-show for the main attraction.

John goes on to say that he speaks of earthly things because he is from earth.  He says Jesus comes from heaven and is greater than anyone.  Jesus is sent from God.  He speaks God's word, for God gives him his spirit without limit.  Amazing.  Jesus is a limitless God.  There is no end to who he is. He has come from heaven and he is greater than anyone.  I just love the amazing things that John has to say about Jesus.  What a testimony.  What an example of humility.  I pray that I would try to approach God in that same humility more and more each and every day!


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