The Gospel Of John 5:1-13 #JesusisLord

The pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem was surrounded by people in need of healing.  It was believed that when the water stirred, that the first in the water would be healed.  Jesus had returned to Jerusalem for the Jewish Holy days.  There is a man near the pool who has been crippled for 38 years.  Jesus saw him, and asked him if he would like to get well.  The man didn't realize who was speaking to him.  The man was stuck in his current perspective.  He tells Jesus that he has no one to help him into the water.  He tells Jesus that someone always beats him to the water.  He is stuck in his own pity.  Jesus simply tells him to pick up his mat and walk.  He picks up his mat and he is healed.  He is carrying his mat through the city when he comes across the religious leaders.  Here is man who has been sick for 38 years.  The only thing that these leaders cared about was that the man was carrying his mat on the Sabbath.

This man had a plan for his own healing.  He was determined to sit and wait at the water and wait to be the first in the water.  He had his plan so well thought out that when Jesus came and challenged his thinking, he wasn't able to see another way.  He was staring into the face of the very Son of God.  The one who had created his legs was looking at him, and asked him if he wanted to be well.  He was so stuck on his own idea of getting into the water, that he just didn't understand the question.  Sometimes, we have everything so planned out in our lives, that we miss something greater.  You may think that you have this amazing plan.  What if God has something greater to bless you with?  Are you willing to lay at the pool for another 38 years?  We waste so much of our lives when we look at the world around us from our own perspective.  What to see things clearer?  Listen to the Spirit of God.  He will reveal a large and more expansive perspective with you.  You may be waiting to get into the water, when your Savior is ready to give you everything that you have been waiting for.  Are you going to trade the blessing of God for something less?  Will you leave a blessing at the pool, just to see your own plan through?  Open your heart.  The Savior is looking right at you.  Do you want to get well?  How would you answer him?  Would you tell him all the reasons that you can't be healed, or will you look back into the compassionate eyes of your Savior and simply say yes?

Don't be like the religious leaders.  Don't be so stuck in the traditions of men, that you miss the opportunity to praise God for a miracle.  Here they see a man that had laid at that pool for years, and the only concern that they had been him carrying his mat.  Thank God for his blessings.


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