The Love Song Of Gomer #GodIsMyHope

Call me Gomer.

I am the unfaithful lover.

After gold and silver,

I have chased

Long nights you have waited,

Breathless for my return.

Never scornful, nor vengeful,

With open arms you wait.

You have pined after me.

I have once again,

Sought another lover

I have chosen temporal happiness,

Over your eternal joy.

I have traded,

The precious treasure of your love,

For rags and worthless trinkets.

Always wanting.

Always longing

You have waited.

How could you toss your love away?

Why spend it on one such as I?

When I have never earned.

When I have never deserved,

Your tireless devotion,

And your unfailing love

And when at last,

I have sipped the last,

Of my lover's hollow pleasures.

You will meet me at the threshold.

When I was to be sold to the highest bidder.

My love and service up for grabs.

you thought me not a bargain.

For you paid a price worthy of a noble.

You purchased me from my own misery.

You stared into my eyes,

Seeing to my very soul.

You spied my broken spirit.

You saw my desperate heart.

You longed for me.

I longed to fill a void,

A void that could only be filled by you.

In my eyes you peered.

You called me your beloved,

And whispered once again.

Those cherished vows.

Renewing for me, reaffirming for me,

As your one and only bride


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