What Would It Take? #GodIsMyHope #JesusIsLord

What would it take?

A thunderous entrance,

of power and glory?

The voice like,

A rushing wind?

Flashing Light,

And Heaven's host?

He's calling your name

That name of which

He has known since

the foundations of

Creation and before

Our collective fall

From the perfection

And quiet communion

Of the marvelous Garden

He calls out to you

He wants to bring you from

The disaster and mire

He has something for you

To deliver you from

That curse and brokenness

Will you hear?

Will you listen?

Will you respond?

Or choose to remain

In the mire

Will you choose

a moments temporal happiness

He offers forever joy

Joy for which there is no end

Joy to suffer and joy to live

Stretching and growing

You for something

Bigger than yourself

He has called you

By your name

To lift you up

That you may share

In a bit of His glory

To be blessed in his

Grace and delivered



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