Have You Ever Been Prodded? Ecclesiastes 12:11 #GodIsMyHope

The words of the wise are like cattle prods-painful but helpful.  Their collected sayings are like a nail-studded stick with which a shepherd drives his sheep.

Have you ever been wrong?  I don't mean mistaken.  I mean dead wrong.  Not just on the wrong page, but in the wrong book altogether.  It is at times like this that God can send people in our path to correct us.  It can be extremely painful.  No one wants to ever admit when they are wrong.  It is a natural reaction to correction.  God is probably not going to appear to us in a burning bush to reveal our faults.  He will however send one of his people to point it out.  Hopefully, that person is able to present the case with love.  We need to understand that those words are coming from God.  He will definitely send people into our lives to expose our faulty thinking and draw us back to himself.  Jesus said he is the Good Shepherd.  Sometimes the shepherd has to cause a little pain to his sheep.  He is never doing it to be cruel.  He is doing it for the good of the sheep.  Sheep are kind of stupid animals.  I think it is funny and sadly appropriate that God compares us to sheep.  We are not the brightest creatures.  From the garden to now he have been revealing our stupidity to God.  We are not always the best at judging what is the best for ourselves.  God always has our best in mind.  He is always working out things for our good.  It may not be all that we had personally hoped for, but we have to trust in his goodness.  What he has for us is better than anything than we could find on our own without him.  In our foolishness, many times we just don't believe that God really understands our particular situation.  He can't possibly understand what we are going through.  How could we handcuff God like that?  Jesus is acquainted with our suffering.  In human form, he has experiences every type of disappointment that we have.  So as we walk this path of God, let us not kill the messenger.  Their words may sting like a cattle prod, but God has sent them to us at a particular time and for a particular reason.  God is attempting to drive us ever closer to himself.


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