Little Sparrow

What tears I have shed little sparrow

What darkness I have born

I have hated myself

And have lost who I was

O, little sparrow you despised my kindness

the finest seed but the water would never do

spring water and seed was not to your liking

how could this be me

O, little sparrow why can't you see

You spurned my care

And drove me away

Alas you never shall

O, little sparrow you've soared too high

And nested among the thrones

You have ignored the danger

I leave you to your fate

O, little sparrow my heart aches for you

How little you see

How little you hear

I can bear it no more

O, little sparrow you've driven me

to the borderline of what was

I've come to realize it can never be

You will never be the pet I need you to be

O, little sparrow when you return in the spring

To that nest you've hated so long

Empty and barren it shall be

You will never see all that you've done

O, little sparrow I'm waving goodbye

I was foolish to think you could see

Or admit the falsehood

That you've always been a perfect pet

O, little sparrow how I reached to you

You struck at my hand time and again

Near warming to my advances

I became content to watch from afar

Why so blue little sparrow

I've fashioned a cage of brass

When I opened the latch to set you free

I saw that it was I trapped within


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