To a Daughter

I thought I was scared

When we brought you home

Ten tiny toes

Ten tiny fingers

I never guessed

You'd grow so fast

I beam with pride

To see your beauty inside

Tender hearted and so sweet

I wish that I could pause

Your growth for a spell

I am in no way prepared

to see you become the young woman

I know that you shall

To think of another

Able to capture your heart

It's coming so fast

How does a father

truly prepare what he holds

So dear to one no better that he

For is a man ever prepared

to take another's princess

and make her his own?

I could never be prouder

And never lose hope

That you shall become

An amazing young woman

Dance to another drum

It makes you unique

You've grown too fast

I'm in no way prepared

To see you become

A young woman and peril

That may entail

I'm here to protect

And protect you I shall

Should a boy ever cross you

Or cause you some pain

He will be dealt with

Scared I shall be

To see you give your heart to another

Remember all that you are

And never settle for less


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