Lent Day #13 - Mark 4:35-41 #Lent2014 #ChristianBlogger

This post is one in a series of reflections for Lent.  I invite you to go back and read the previous reflections.

Jesus and the disciples get in their boat, and are crossing the sea.  Jesus goes in to the front of the boat, and falls asleep.  While he is sleeping a storm comes up and begins to toss the boat around.  The disciples are terrified.  They believe that they will be drowned in the storm.  They go to Jesus and wake him.  They cannot understand how he could be sleeping when they believe they are about to be killed.  He wakes up.  When he stands up he rebukes the storm, and it is instantly calm.  Can you even imagine the disciples?  They were already terrified of the storm.  I would think that they would be even more terrified, that Jesus could speak and calm the storm as he did.

Jesus was asleep in the stern, but he knew exactly what was happening.  He is God in the flesh, and so he was all-knowing.  He has the ability to rebuke the wind.  Being God in the flesh, he possesses all power.  After he has rebuked the wind, he turns and rebukes the disciples.  He has been trying to show them who he was.  He has done wonders in front of them.  He expects that they should have recognized who he was.  I am sure he is a bit disappointed, but not surprised that they have not got it yet.  How could they not trust him?  We can't be too hard on the disciples though.  How often do we really trust God?  How often do we doubt him completely?  Are we really ready to trust him with our very lives?  I am sure many of us would fail this test just the same.

It is almost humorous that the disciples sit there and ask each other who this person is.  He has been trying to show them who he is, and yet they are still so puzzled.  What type of man does the wind and rain actually obey him?  They have yet to realize that he is the creator of the universe.  It is not strange that the wind and the waves would obey their creator.

We have seen the end of the story.  We have the privilege of the teaching that the disciples have yet to receive.  Jesus is very God of God.  He is the incarnate Son of God.  Were we always sensible, then how could we not trust him in everything?  We are human and lose sight of his greatness in our weakness.  He has the strength to harness the power of nature.  We should rest in that.  It is important to note that Jesus doesn't condemn the disciples for their lack of faith.  I am sure he is disappointed, but he corrects them in love.  He does the same thing to us.  He is disappointed in us for our lack of faith, but disappointed in the same way that a father would be in his son.  He is disappointed in our doubt, but he wishes to restore us as his children.  We shouldn't dwell in our doubt, but revel in the restoration that God longs to bring about in our lives.  He is ready to help us back to our feet, in the same way that a father would help his young child back to their feet.  He will not condemn us, but restore us.  He is glorified in our struggles to trust.  He already knows that we will not get it all right this side of glory.


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