Lent Day #19 - Psalm 95

This post is one in a series of reflections for Lent.  I invite you to go back and read the previous reflections.

I really like this Psalm.  It is a two-part Psalm.  It starts off with the people.  They are praising God.  They give three reasons that they are praising God.  First, He is THE God.  He is the God above all other gods.  He is THE God, because he is the only true God.  He is to be praised because He is THE creator.  Everything was created by Him.  He is the source of all things.  He watches over his people like a shepherd.  The shepherd protects his sheep from the wild beast.  In the same way, God protects his people from the evils of the world.

God responds to his people.  God longs to give his people peace.  He is that peace.  We can find our peace in him.  He tells his people how they can find his peace.  Don't harden your hearts.  Listen to the word of God.  He is calling for us.  Don't test God or his patience.  He wants to give us that peace, but we must listen to his voice and not try his patience.  Look around, do you see all that God has done for you?  Recognize the blessings that he has lavished on you.  In times of decision, turn to God.  Don't turn away from him, but turn into his embrace.  Obey his commands.  He hasn't given them to restrict us or to kill all our fun, but so that we may be able to partake of all the peace that he longs for us to enjoy!

Forgive me if I misquote this, but I am sure I have the essential essence.  John Piper, says that God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.  When we settle for things out of His will, then we are really turn away from something greater.  God doesn't tell us no to keep us from something good, but he has something greater.  Should we settle for less than all the greatness that he has in store for us.  God is everything that we need.  Only he will be able to give us full joy and fulfillment.  Don't settle for less.


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