Never Saw This Coming

I never saw this coming

When I had found comfort

In my life on my own

I hadn't decided

To devote myself to

A renewed search for love

Occasional companionship

A friend to share a laugh

I could not have expected

What was bound to happen

With my back turned

And eyes shut tight

A breath of fresh air

And the warmth of the sun

Upon my face

How could this have happened

This is not what I had

Planned at all for

But so much more

Than I could have

Ever hoped or dreamed

Feeling like a return

To those days swept up

In some new-found love

Filled to overflowing

Consumed in thought

Every waking moment

In thoughts of you

And all this could mean

Dreams are so filled

With vivid glimpses

Of your face

Makes me reluctant

To wake come morn

To stay at slumber

For just a moment more

Allows me to enjoy

One last moment with you

If it's only in my dreams

No day seems longer

Than when I shall see you

No moments pass faster

Than when you are in my arms

At times I fear

This is moving too fast

But in that deepest

That softest part

Of my heart

Everything is just perfect

And nothing could slow

This fiery trajectory

Like the force of

A forest fire tearing

Through some deep mountain valley

We are caught up now

With fear and excitement

Anxious and overflowing

With a deep-seated passion

Perhaps we have cast caution

Aside, and jumped head first

Into some dark nothing

I have followed where

My heart has led

And could be no happier

It led me to you


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