The Break of Springtime

The sun clears the horizon

The warm clearing away

Those last reminders of

Winter's cold bondage

Where snow was blanketed

Mud rules and those

First tender sprouts emerge

New birth, new beginning

As if woken from slumber

All nature begins to come alive

The birds sing and call to one another

A welcome home from some

Southern sunny locale

Birds gather twigs newly exposed

From a frosty blanket

In crooks of trees and shrubbery

Constructing nests of twigs, leaves, and bark

When at last completed

Three tiny eggs shall be laid

With tender care and watchful guard

Until from shell come thee

Tender young hatchlings

Into the beauty of spring

But yet the harsh danger

From beast shall mother keep watch

When time has come

And the day has dawned

That these may become on their own

One by one from that lofty perch

Shall mother cast thee from

In that short distance

From nest to ground

Either to soar or crash

Now is that moment of decision



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