The Gull of Salvation

Cast a drift

Upon the endless blue expanse

When amidst some dark gale

Mast and sail rend and cast

In splinters and tatters

Upon deck and sailor

Who struggled against

Wind and wave frantically

To rescue ship and fellow

From some certain death

Now listless cast upon the mercy

Of the restless and churning sea

Provisions long expended

Throats parched and lips cracked

Living through these dark days

Men pray they breath their last

If only to end this present misery

Charity amongst fellows

Has long past away

Smallest slight may

Cast brother upon brother

With all the venom

And hatred of an enmity

Of some long simmering feud

The sun in midday height

Sears mind and flesh

That desperate truth

Hope has gone and death be near

When like the voice of Archangel

The call of some coastal bird

Reignites ice cold embers

Hope long quenched

Springs up and awakens

Some inlet lies within reach

That sandy shore means more

Than sand and surf to sailors

Upon this drifting coffin

That inlet brings to sailors

A salvation and a new hope

And so gull and tern upon the wind

Announce their coming salvation



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