That Long Goodbye

Is this purgatory?

When Eve's bitter apple

Has taken a mind slowly

And left but a hollow shell

Where are you?

Is your soul desperately

Trapped in that fallen flesh?

Do you mourn in silence?

Imperceptible silence

Or is this but our grief to bear

We have seen your light slowly dim

This is that dreaded long goodbye

To see such a wife and mother

Grandmother and Great-Grandmother

Silenced by Satan's

Cruelest ploy; dementia

Servant of the Most High

To see you as such

Causes me to question God

I know his supreme goodness

But why has He delayed your homecoming?

I should hate to see you go

But is this not worse?

I picture your soul

Like a songbird trapped in iron cage

But that God should loose the door

And call you to soar to Him

To leave behind

Eve's cursed flesh

And enter his presence

In all its blinding brilliance

Until then my heart is broken

To see you in such a way


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