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In many ways, Western Christianity has lost an authentic picture of God.  They either see his justice as requiring an allegiance to a certain set of moral virtues, or they see him as some benevolent Santa Claus type of character.  One who keeps track of who is naughty and nice, but in the end decides that everyone is deserving of a gift come Christmas morning.  Among Evangelicals we can just as easy fall into either of these heresies.  As Evangelicals, we hold primary to the concept of Sola Scriptura.  How is it that we could have strayed so far from the truth of what God has chosen to reveal to us about himself?

I have heard and read that the God of the Old Testament is fundamental a different type of operator, than the God of the New Testament.  He needed at that time and place to exact venegence, but in the Era of the Church he has decided to take a different approach.  This concept is so incredibly foreign to the truth of Orthodoxy, that it is a poison to true discipleship and an insult to the character of God.  It is precisely because the God of the Old Testament is still a jealous and just God, that the New Testament hold such infinite promise for believers.  Many Evangelicals would intellectually assent to the justice of God, but secretly live a life that does not reflect the truth of the Old Testament.  Without the wrath of a jealous God, then the love of a merciful God does not make any sense.  If God is so loving that he requires no personal sacrifice or obedience of believers, then why would he give up what was most precious to himself to a cruel and merciless sacrifice?

Drew Dyck has recognized this fundamental flaw in our practical theology.  We have created a God in our own image.  Instead of allowing God to address the nakedness we feel before a Holy God, we have created a God that is not nearly as concerned about it.  This is not the God that is described to us in the Bible.  In order for us to truly appreciate the free and unwarranted favor that God has given us through his Son, we have to first come to grips with the majesty and utter unapproachability of a Holy Jealous God.  When we are able to see ourselves as God has seen us, since the beginning of time, then we will be able to truly appreciate the amazing act of sacrifice that Christ has done on our behalf.

This book should serve as an indictment of self-indulgent Christianity.  If we wish for the world to be impacted by the truth of the Scripture, then we must first return the truth to our own lives.  Many of the problems of the Church and the society at large stem from this distorted view of the true character of God.  When we see ourselves as utterly bankrupt at the throne of Grace, then how could we possibly look self-righteously at the hurting around us?  If we see the unapproachable standards of a righteous God, then how could we live the duplicity that so many of us tolerate in our own lives?

Drew Dyck has written an amazing book that should help in returning our minds to the true nature of God.  God is love.  Love is a fundamental essence of His character.  That love becomes absolutely meaningless, if it is not cast against the omnipotent and immutable nature of a righteous God.

I am reminded of my time in Army basic training.  We would spend our entire week without any type of dietary indulgence.  Sugar was strictly prohibited.  On Sundays after Church, we would creep past the Shopette to all of the vending machines that were behind the building.  Those candy bars that we snuck those afternoons were some of the sweetest I have ever tasted in my life.  Without the deprivation of sugar through the week, those candy bars would not have carried near as much meaning for us.  It is the same way with the love of God.  Until we see how he has truly seen us, then we are ill prepared to accept the amazing gift and mercy of his unending love.  Without the wrath of a jealous God, then the free gift of unwarranted favor is absolutely meaningless.  I would definitely recommend this book to all Christians. I have included links below where this book can be purchased.  I certainly do not regret my purchase, and I know that you will not either.


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