Don't Be In A Rush To Be A Grown-Up! #ChristianBlogger

Do you remember the "My Buddy" doll?  Well before the "My Buddy" doll, there was Mikey.  Mikey was a doll for boys.  I suppose someone at the toy company was a sadist and wanted to see boys get beat up.  I am not sure.  Anyway, my little brother had a Mikey doll.  He carried that freaking doll everywhere.  Mikey was his most prized possession.  I was probably in first or second grade, and I may or may not have had something to do with Levi's rash decision to get rid of Mikey.  I truly don't remember.

We lived in an old farmhouse.  Our yard and our neighbors yard was surrounded by farmer's fields and the area in between was filled with all kinds of weeds.  Most of the weeds were really tall burdock.  One day when Levi felt he was ready to be a big boy, and ditch the doll, he pitch ole Mikey into the burdock.  That was it.  He had crossed from the little boy carrying his doll, and into the larger world of big boyness.  Well that is probably what he thought.  Life went on as it had before, until bedtime.

I remember Levi crying about Mikey.  It was twilight and the light was fading fast.  This was a rural farm house, and when it got dark, it was really dark.  I remember everyone going on a search for Mikey.  In the dark, My parents and I set about digging through the burdocks to find Mikey.  I searched for Mikey, the way that I still look for things.  If it doesn't jump out at me, then I just can not find it.  Levi would not settle for that.  As it got darker and darker, we continued to look for this freaking doll.  It was a little frustrating.  It was bad enough to be burdened with a younger brother, and now I am tangled in burdock in the dark.  I still think he owes me for that.

I don't remember who found him, but someone found Mikey.  Everything was set right.  Levi was so happy to see Mikey, and I was allowed to go back inside.  Levi carried that doll for a couple more years, and eventually Mikey faded into his memory.

Sometimes young people are in such a hurry to grown up.  It is a natural thing.  We want to do things on our own, and we want others to view us as independent.  Most things can't be undone like tossing a doll in the burdock.  You may be in a rush to grow up, but some things are not as easily undone.  There is plenty of time to be a grown up.  If you think about the short amount of time that we spend as kids, it is just a tiny part of our greater life.  Don't rush yourself.

It seems like all teenagers are in a rush to jump in bed.  What is the rush?  There will be plenty of time for all that.  There are larger spiritual and emotional considerations, but what about the purely practical?  There is always disease and pregnancy to think about.  In a rush to be grown up you could end up being a teenage parent.  That is not something that can be undone.  Children are a gift of God, but when you have them as teenagers they can seriously have long term effects on your whole life.  A child born to teenage parents is exponentially more likely to grow up in poverty.  If they are in poverty then that means you will be too.  All of the plans and dreams you have will get put off.  Is it worth it?  Slow down.  Be a kid, and the time will come.


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