I Stand With The Christians of Iraq #StopISIS #IraqiChristians @VOM_USA


This is the Arabic letter 'N'.  It is being used as an a abbreviation of Nazarene by ISIS to mark the homes of Christians in Iraq.  I recently changed my profile picture on Facebook to this picture.  I would hope that people of all faiths would do the same.

Foolish and the unlearned will say that religion has caused all of the worlds wars.  That is simply not the case.  Wicked and evil mean have used the tool of religion to act on their hate and prejudice to brutalize their fellow men.  They have abandoned the principles that they swear they are protecting to commit all manner of vicious atrocities.

All major religions teach that we should live at peace with our neighbors.  Jesus taught us to love our neighbors.  Am I the only one that believes it is time to start living that?

As an American I am a staunch defender in the freedom of a persons conscience.  If a person is not free in their own conscience, then they are a slave.  Man has no right to force another to believe as they do. I may completely believe you are in err, but it is God who will reveal that.  I will continue to treat you with love and respect until that day.

If you believe that persecution of anyone on the basis of their religion is wrong, then I urge you to change your profile picture on social media to the image above.  You do not have to be Christian to believe that all should be able to live their lives in the manner their conscience dictates.  I pray that today this image will explode across Social Media, and send a strong message to the wicked men across the world that would seek to use Religion in opposition to it's own teachings to terrorize their neighbors.  Thank You.


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