A Few Thoughts On Philosophy #ChristianBlogger

Objective truth has been a communal measuring stick that mankind has used in order to measure actions of the individual against the needs of the society at large.  Objective means that there is no other consideration, any action may or may not be considered either right or wrong.  For countless generations we have educated young people about what is right and wrong in our society.  As a testament to the objective nature of this truth, these truths are shared throughout varying faith, ethnic, and cultural groups.  If societies separated by geography, language, or culture come to the same moral judgments, then there must be something objective that stands behind human reason, by which we may measure our actions.  This objective truth is the means by which, all manner of human society has been able to flourish through out human history.  When societies have ignored or neglected adherence, then they have been cast into the dust bin of history.

This is not to say that all great civilizations have always adhered to objective truth.  This would, of course be utterly impossible.  However, when communities collectively value this truth society is able to achieve far closer to the ideal of justice than without.  Without objective truth we may as well be talking about unicorns, because both concepts are completely meaningless.

Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.  Each philosophy that has sought to either deny objective truth or replace it, has at its core this very fatalistic view of human existence.  We ought as people squeeze all measure of life and vice out of life as possible, before our ride on this large sphere has ended.  Objective truth can at times stand in the way of this endeavor.  For the Marxist, objective truth must be set aside and violence employed in order to bring about a twisted sense of justice.  For the objectivist, any sense of charity is set aside in order that everyone may advance their own selfish personal interest.  Objectivists would further distort an accepted definition of the word selfishness, and replace it with their own distorted concept of positive selfishness.  The hedonist must abandon any objective truth concerning bodily indulgence in order to partake in their share of debauchery.

"There is no objective truth."  These are the words of many modern and post-modern philosophers announcement.  How they are able to state something so incredibly ridiculous on its face, merely speaks to their intellectual dishonesty.  To make such a statement is to disprove the initial statement.  The statement is either intentionally misleading and dishonest or purely intellectually dishonest.

Imagine two groups of men were set to mark a football field.  They are required to mark the end zone and each of the yard lines for the entire field.  Before they begin, we take their measuring tool.  A yard stick being entirely objective, we instead trust each group to mark them according to their own definition of a yard.  What I consider to be one yard may not be the same as yours, however each of our concepts of a yard are equally valid.  Each of our two groups would find it very challenging to agree on where the 50 yard line ought to be.  When we would step back and look at the field, I am certain it would not resemble anything close to what we might consider a football field to be.  To attempt to play football would be pointless, because everything else in the game would have lost it's meaning.

Objective truth serves a similar purpose in human society.  While setting the boundaries of human society, it also adds meaning to the entirety of our society.  We deny the existence of objective truth at our own peril.  Objective truth is the bedrock of every that makes up human society.


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