How Did God Create Man? #ChristianBlogger

How did God create man?

God created man, male and female, in his own image and in knowledge, righteousness, and holiness to rule over the other creatures.

For his pleasure and glory, God created man, as the crowning glory of his wondrous creation.  Man was created to bring greater glory to his creator.

Mankind was created male and female.  Equal in every aspect, but equally distinct from one another.  Each bearing the very image of their creator.

There is an uneasy feeling in us.  Before accepting that a standard even exists, we realize that we do not measure up.  The image of God in us leaves a watermark on our souls.  That image gives us our concept of righteousness and holiness.  It is that image in us that convinces our hearts, in our ignorance, that we are not measuring up.  In our original state, we may have no idea by what standard we are measuring our merit, but we know for certain that we have failed to make the grade.  It is the watermark of God's holiness and righteousness that drives us to nobler deeds, but it is also a measure that we can never meet.

All of creation was made to glorify God.  Man was placed in the center of creation to care for God's creation.  Man was given dominion over all of creation.  All of creation bears the brush strokes of its amazing artist, but man bears the very shadow of his Creator.  Man is a special creation, bearing the image of his Creator.  It is right that he should be placed over all of creation.  All of creation was created for God, and not for man.  In his dominion, man rules what will never be his.  His dominion becomes, in many ways, a form of worship to his creator.  Man should not worship creation, but should care for all of God's creation with the reverence due his creator.  His stewardship of God's glorious creation brings glory to his Creator.

Man was placed amidst this amazing creation.  This was an amazing gift from God.  God is glorified when man enjoys the wondrous blessing of creation.  A man would be shamed to mistreat or abuse the amazing gift he has been given in God's marvelous creation.  His dominion and rule over creation should be in a manner worthy of the glorious gift of creation.


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