What is God's Providence? #ChristianBlogger

What is God's Providence?

God's providence is his completely holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing every creature and every action.

Providence can in many ways become some what of a stumbling block for people.  With much of the misery we see in the world, it can be challenging to see an all powerful benevolent God as being in charge.  How could such a loving God allow misery to occur?  Why couldn't he bring a sudden end to all human suffering?  This is an easy enough trap to fall into, but it is an error for several reasons.

First, is a lack of true perspective  We as finite creatures must of necessity dwell within the bounds of time.  God dwells outside of time, and has no restrictions that we experience due to our particular place in the world.  While we must dwell on a single page, God stands outside and beyond the entire book.  Not only is God outside the book, but he has written the entire book.  Each and every sentence of the tale we call creation, has been fashioned by and through God.  We are really in no position to questions God's providence.  When a person questions God's kindness, they have already decided that there is no god or that he is cruel.  They have merely used pain and suffering to reinforce what they have already come to believe.

Second, extremes depend on one another for definition.  The goodness of God would have no meaning, had we not suffered the pains of everyday life.  That is not to say that God would be any less good, but that it is in the depth of our suffering, that we feel in all its richness, the amazing goodness of God.  I would compare it to the warmth of a fire on the bitterest cold night.  The fire is no hotter, but it is never more appreciated that when we have been chilled to the bone.

Finally, we have to keep in mind that none of this is about us.  We were created for God and not the other way around.  Creation was created to make much of God.  Providence is the means of God to bring glory to his name, that much may be made of his name.


  1. I love your analogy of a book. That all we can see is a single page, but God is outside and beyond the entirety of the book of our lives. Awesome to think of it this way. Thanks!


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