I Simply Cannot Believe In YOUR God. #ChristianBlogger

Excuse me for being intentionally provocative.  I have something important I would like to say, and I hope that you will hear me out.  We have drifted from the truth and we need to refocus ourselves, in order to move forward.  I hope that I can add a little to the conversation.
There is a single phrase that is repeated by everyone that has dived headlong into sin.  It is repeated so many times that I am not sure if we haven't nearly excepted it as scripture.  The problem is that it is unscriptural and completely illogical.  When we are guided by our hearts absent reason, then we find ourselves in very murky waters.  The waters are so murky at times that it is difficult to see the absurdity of our poor thinking. 
If you were to confront someone with their poor decision, then the conversation will ultimately come down to this one phrase.  I know it is wrong, but God just wants me to be happy.  It almost seems reasonable, right?  God calls us his children, and promises blessings.  It seems like God may actually be concerned with human happiness.  I am not here to argue that he is not primarily concerned with it.
God does want his children to be happy, but I am certain that it cannot be his first concern.  If you look around the world, then it is easy to see that if human happiness were his concern then he is not doing a very good job.  
Much of the suffering we see in the world can be explained as due to human wickedness and self-centeredness, but what about the suffering that we as Christians even suffer to explain.  Why do children die?  Why are Christians tormented and killed?  If God were primarily concerned with his children's happiness, then how could he allow these types of things?
It just cannot follow that God's primary focus is human happiness.  First, happiness is circumstantial.  If the circumstances of your life allow it, then we are happy.  We endure hardship, then we lose our happiness.  It is a passing emotion.  How could God insure our happiness, when it conflicts with another's happiness?  If adultery is justifiable because of God's desire for our happiness, then what about the faithful partner?  Is God not concerned about their happiness?  
God has to be up to something else.  His first concern must differ from ours.  It may be hard to take, but it must not be about you.  God is primarily concerned with his own renown.  His character demands a defense.  He must seek the glory of himself.  It is in that renown and acknowledgement that men will find lasting joy.  Joy is completely different than happiness.  Joy is there in our darkest days.  Joy is what allows men and women perseverance.  John Piper, would say that God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in him.  Pascal would say that men have a God shaped hole in their hearts.  Happiness is men's attempt to plug that hole with anything, but God.  God's first and primary concern is the glory of his own name.  That is the God that I believe in.  I simply can not believe in a God who is primarily concerned in my own happiness, and so bad at delivering on that desire.  
God desire joyous men.  Men who find their identity in him and him alone.  Anything less that Himself is a cheap counterfeit.  Why would anyone settle for less?  

In the world that we live in, a god that is concerned primarily with human happiness and yet fails to deliver consistently is at best impotent and weak, or at worst a horrible monster.  That is why I simply cannot believe in your god.


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