Remind Me Who YOU Are!

I was listening to the Jason Gray song "Remind Me Who I Am" recently.  I really love the song, but I began to wonder what would it be like to turn it the other way around.  When we stand before the throne, I believe "I" or "Me" won't even cross our lips.  We will instead plead the character of God.  Our ultimate destination lies not in our character or deeds, but in the never changing character of God.  I started thumbing through the Psalms looking for descriptions of God.  Who is this God, whose character we will plead.  Remember me who YOU are!

He is the Lord that knows the way of the righteous.  1:6
He is the Lord that sits in heaven. 2:4
He is shield, my glory, and lifts my head. 3:3
He is the God that has set apart the godly for himself. 4:3
He is a God of steadfast love. 5:7
He will save me for His sake 6:4
God is a righteous judge.  7:11
He has set the moon and stars in the sky.  8:3
The Lord sits enthroned forever.  9:7
He is the helper of the fatherless. 10:15
The Lord is in His temple and He sees.  11:4
His words are pure like fine silver.  12:6
He has dealt bountifully with me!  13:6
He is with the righteous and the refuge of the poor.  14:8-9

I could just keep going.  I spend so much time thinking about who I am, that I get frozen in fear.  Who am I?  I have had the whole thing turned backward.  It has never been about me.  It has always been about God.  How much more could we accomplish in this world.  What if we spent our time focused on who God is, and not focusing ourselves?  


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