How Has God Responded to Human Suffering

     Injustice entered creation at the fall and has always been deeply troubling to God.  God, in his infinte knowledge, knew how evil man could become.  He desired that Man's wickedness would not go unchecked for eternity.  It was actually by an act of Mercy that God expelled man from Eden.  By expelling man from the garden, He barred man's access to the Tree of Life.  Were man able to access the Tree of Life, can you imagine the wickedness than man could do to one another, if they had eternity to think such thoughts?     God also heard the cries of his people.  Oppressed and abused by their Egyptian taskmasters, he sent Moses.  He displayed his great power and delivered his people from oppression.  

     Injustice is one of the most powerful results of the curse.  Man has struggled for lack of a solution.  Man could not repair the damage on his own.  God stepped out of eternity.  Veiled in flesh, he walked along side the broken.  He was aquainted with sorrow.  He was moved with deep compassion.  The broken and diseased found love and healing in his eyes.  The despised and rejected found acceptance in his arms.

     He then became the ultimate innocent victim of injustice.  Incapable of sin, he was falsely accused.  His trials were a mockery to any sense of justice.  Vindicated and declared innocent by Pilate, his life was demanded by the crowd.  He was condemned to die.  He mocked and beaten cruelly.  He was spat upon as he moved toward Man's greatest shame.  He was lifted alongside common criminals.  The one who had hung the stars, hung on a tree.  He was mocked by the soldiers and even one of the justly condemned criminals.

   Do we appreciate the gravity of this moment.  A moment which threatened to unravel the entire cosmos.  All of creation trembled in fear and was overcome with darkness.  The one who had eternally enjoyed unbroken communion with the Father, was cast out and exiled from the source of all light and goodness in the entire universe.  After three days, he destroyed the power of sin and death.  He started the process of unraveling and undoing the curse.

     We live in a great in between.  Between when God has already destroyed sin and death, and yet men still do wicked things to one another.  Where little boys and girls fear monsters under their beds, but sometimes those monsters are down the hall as well.  Where the weak are enslaved and used by the powerful, and children die before they ever begin to live.

     Do not fool yourself!  God is NOT unmoved by the injustice around us!

     The cross reminds us that injustice matters to God.  It reminds us we are infinitely valueable to our creator.  Our creator has walked in our shoes and suffered our sorrows.  Lastly, it ought to remind us that it was never supposed to be this way.  None of this was originally part of God's good design.  It also reminds us that it will not always be this way.  One day with a trumpet, Christ will return in power.  He will judge the living and the dead.  The curse will be undone.  He will wipe wipe every tear from our eyes and he will give us peace.

     So we see in the end that every injustice will be set right.  None can avoid answering.  Whether kneeling before the cross or standing defiantly before the throne of judgement, Christ will address every single act of injustice.  Until that day, we must rest in the promises of God.  We can trust Christ with all our deepest hurts because he has promised to repay and he has promised to wipe every tear from our eyes.


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