I Am Just Way Too Smart...

     When I was growing up, I secretly struggled with faith.  Many times I thought I was too smart to believe in God.  I have arrived at a place now, where I think it is the fool who doubts the existence of God.
     Scientists used to believe that everything in  the universe was stationary.  Further research has proved that is not the case.  They have found that the universe is ever expanding.  This leads to the big bang theory.  Growing up in a fundamentalist background, I thought the big bang theory threatened the existence of God.  That is not the case at all.  Before the big bang there nothing.  That means there was no space, time, or matter.  Before nature there was nothing.  In that moment before nature, everything that IS became in an instant.  Whatever caused this big bang could not be time, space, or matter, or any natural.  It would subsequently have to be supernatural.     Aristotle would call this agent, the unmoved mover.  A supernatural force that in an instant created everything "ex nihilo".  The apostle John would describe that unmoved mover as the "Word of God".  It makes sense doesn't it?  Were this supernatural uncreated one to speak the universe into being , then I would expect it would make a big bang.  The big bang turns the materialist cosmology on it's head.  It becomes like a rock in the shoe of the atheist.  The big bang fits perfectly within the theistic worldview, but challenges everything about the atheistic worldview.
     Scientists used to believe that there were just a couple variables that made life possible on Earth.  Further study has revealed that there are literally thousands of variables necessary for life to be possible here on Earth.  If just one of these thousands of variables were to vary by even a fraction of the tiniest fraction, then life would be impossible.  The idea that all of these variably became so ridiculously fine tuned at random is absolutely absurd.  
     Scientists acknowledge the logical difficulty this causes to their worldview.  To counter the logical difficulty, they put forward the multiverse theory.  The multiverse theory suggests that there is an infinite number of universes, and our universe is the only one where all of the variables fit to make life possible.  If there is an infinite number of universes, that we have no way to prove, then perhaps by pure chance our universe could form in a way that would make life possible.  They make this claim with absolutely no evidence.  It actually stands completely opposed to everything we actually know of the universe.  This only makes the idea a random and ridiculously fine tuned universe only slightly more plausible.  Seriously though!  What is more reasonable to accept on pure faith?  An infinite number of universes exist, that cannot be observed or proven to exist, and one universe by pure random chance organized itself by pure random chance in a precisely fine tuned manner.  Organized in the only way that would make life even possible.  Or is there an intelligence that exists outside of creation that created the whole universe and fine tuned everything to the precise values that allowed life to exist on Earth.  Honestly, I find the second option far more believable.  When I combine the fine tuning with the other things we can deduce from the world around us, I think the idea of a creator is the best conclusion.
     It has taken me a minute to get to this.  You are created .  You are not the result of random chance.  You were designed and shaped by a perfect and infinite Creator.  Not only were you created, but you were created with a purpose.  The Apostle Paul tells us that God has preordained good deeds for you to do.  God created you!  He created you with a purpose and he has preordained good deeds for you to walk in.  That is the true reality of your identity.  You cannot forget that.  You are of unbelievable importance and you should never forget that.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:10 (ESV)



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