Chasing After The Wind

      Where we begin, many times effects where we ultimately arrive.  We call these starting points in thinking as presuppositions.  I may need to offer a few of my own, and perhaps you will better understand how I arrived where I am.
     The Westminster Shorter catechism states that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.  Man was created to bring glory to his Creator.  The entire purpose of men's hearts, minds, bodies, and souls is to glorify God and enjoy him.  When men seek other ends, their hearts are left longing and hollow.
     Augustine said his heart was restless until it rested in God.  Pascal described man as containing a God shaped hole.  A hole that nothing else can fill.  Hobbies, loved ones, drugs, alcohol...nothing else but God will ever fill the emptiness in men's souls.  God created man for himself and man will never find all he longs for except in God.
     If I know that nothing will fill that soul depth longing, then it would be unbelievably cruel to encourage you to seek any substitute.  No lover, no career, no hobby, and no amount of wealth.  Nothing will fill the deepest longing of your heart.  King Solomon described it as chasing after the wind.  I cannot watch silently as you seek to chase after the wind.  I cannot stand idly by and allow you to believe a lie.  You will need to learn for yourself.  I am sure of that.  I will stand ready to embrace you when, you finally come to realize that, "better is one day in God's house, than thousands elsewhere.


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