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Jesus as Jacob's Ladder

Andhesaidtohim,“Truly, truly, Isayto you,youwillseeheavenopened, andthe angelsofGodascendinganddescendingontheSonofMan.” John 1:51
We have been studying the gospel of John in Sunday school lately.  We were talking through the first chapter, when this verse struck me.  I have read it before, but I had never really taken notice of it.  As I read the verse this time, I was shocked by how much meaning is stuff in this short verse.      When Jesus says this he is drawing our attention back to Jacob's ladder.  Jacob's ladder was vision of Jacob's at Bethel.  Jacob saw a ladder that stretch from Earth to Heaven.  Jacob saw angels moving up and down this ladder between Heaven and Earth. Nathaniel comes to meet Jesus.  He is doubtful that anything good could come from Nazareth.  Jesus must have sensed his doubt.  He reveals to Nathaniel, a vision that Jesus had of Nathaniel under a fig tree.  Nathaniel confesses that Jesus is the Son of God and King of Israel.  It seems to me that Jesus…

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