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Let's Think Through This Together

If you haven't figured it out yet...I am unapologetic in my  Calvinism.  If I were to raise one objection it would be with the application of the name Calvin.  I suppose Augustinian would be a better fit.  If I were trying to be especially provocative, then I would call myself Pauline.  I think that could be a step too far for this venue.  I digress.
     To avoid provocation and to bring some clarity to the issues I hope to raise, I will use the term monergist.  When I use the word monergist, I mean that when it comes to the atonement, I consider it a complete work of God.  I was dead in my sins.  I could not come to faith in Christ without a supernatural work on God's part.  I remain secure in the family of God, not by how hard I follow after him, but in how secure he holds me. 
     Monergy gets a bad name when it comes to evangelism.  I wanted to address some of that in this post.  Monergist believe (along with Paul....sorry I will try not to do that again) God has ca…

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