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Helping to Close Out The Real

      We are all sort of self-medicating aren't we?  We lie to ourselves, but do we even believe that?  My phone is a safe place that helps to silence the screams from the outside.  It isn't important what it is that is encroaching.  It is just easier to close out the real, and live in this world that doesn't really exist.     I am just as guilty as everyone else.  Whether it is to mindlessly thumb through Facebook, or some ridiculously useless game.  We are seeking to avoid everything that makes life real.  Relationships are difficult, so it is easier to "relate" in this imaginary world we call cyberspace.  Conflict is hard, and so we "troll" one another in lengthy and seldom accurate comments.     Community is incredibly difficult.  It is easy to be your "friend" in cyberspace, because I am not very likely to incur the cost of true friendship.  There is a give and take in human relationships.  They can be very costly.  I may have to give up s

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