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I Am Just Way Too Smart...

When I was growing up, I secretly struggled with faith.  Many times I thought I was too smart to believe in God.  I have arrived at a place now, where I think it is the fool who doubts the existence of God.      Scientists used to believe that everything in  the universe was stationary.  Further research has proved that is not the case.  They have found that the universe is ever expanding.  This leads to the big bang theory.  Growing up in a fundamentalist background, I thought the big bang theory threatened the existence of God.  That is not the case at all.  Before the big bang there nothing.  That means there was no space, time, or matter.  Before nature there was nothing.  In that moment before nature, everything that IS became in an instant.  Whatever caused this big bang could not be time, space, or matter, or any natural.  It would subsequently have to be supernatural.     Aristotle would call this agent, the unmoved mover.  A supernatural force that in an instant created …

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