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What is the Problem with Joel Osteen?

     I have been kicking this idea around in my head for a while.  Now that I sit down to start, I am not sure where to start.  Joel Osteen is a marvelous motivational speaker.  I am just think that as a Pastor he is dropping the ball.        There are people in our life that we would rather just lie to us.  When we  ask a stranger how they are doing, we certainly do not want to hear about their arthritis, or their no good son.  Am I right?  There is a level of dishonesty in our lives that we tolerate.  Please tell me what I want to hear!      There are people in our life that we must hear the truth from.  We certainly wouldn't want an oncologist that could not bear to be honest with us.  If we have a tumor metastasizing through out our body, we would want an oncologist that was willing to give us the truth.      I would think that a pastor should fall into the same category.  As the oncologist is dealing with life and physical death, a pastor is dealing with spiritual life an

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